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Morceau pour Ariane
The canon is one of the oldest musical forms - Frère Jacques is an excellent example of it. This piece was written as a canon between three flutes, one stage left, one in the centre, and one stage right. It is a Bell curve of complexity, rising from a single note to an elaborate interweaving of the three parts, then retreating again until only a single note is left.

Le cygne blanc
Writing for children is easier than you might think. They lack the aural experience to understand complex contemporary music, certainly; but they also lack the inhibitions that prior experience drags in its wake. This song was commissioned for a record destined to be used in the classrooms.

Okno Wystawowe
Each Christmas for six years I wrote an arrangement of a popular Polish carol as a present for my wife. Each arrangement was prefaced with an instrumental introduction based on the carol. This piece, called 'The Shop Window' in English, was the first. If you have Polish blood, maybe you can guess the original carol...?

This piece reflects the tragedy of the uprising (powstanie) in the Polish capital Warsaw in 1944. These few measures are a brouillon (how is that in English?!) of the moment of surrender. The basis for this is of course the Polish national anthem. You Poles will understand best what this music is saying...

Lisa in Furs
Some years ago I found it very relaxing to compose jazz on long flights. I would be sitting there, spread out in a first class seat, and I would spend the seven or eight hours of the flight writing. It was always a piano piece - I don't know why. This one was written between Frankfurt and Beijing. The title? Oh,just listen to it. You'll know why...