SpiralClassics Spoken Word LP Record List
A recording of readings from the works of Teilhard de Chardin, with musical interludes. These pieces are not included in my listed compositions since I considers them student works.
IRCAM - liste de compositeurs
A comprehensive list of contemporary composers compiled by the French Acoustic/Music Research Institute.
Hutchins and Rea
One of many sites where scores of my music can be purchased.
The world as event: the poetry of Charles Tomlinson
Charles Tomlinson was the first living poet whom I knew personally, and I set a number of his poems to music. His poetry also served as the basis for one of the first of my essays in electronic music: I Have Seen Eden.
David Burnet Books
The combination of words and music, beyond song writing, has always fascinated composers. This book contains essays by several composers, including myself, on their relationship to the written word.
This Web site postulates my music as being used in a film over eighty years ago... Maybe I have had several reincarnations after all...