with place of first performance

FOUR FOLK MELODIES for String Orchestra All Saints, Hamilton, Canada
GORALU CZY CIE NIE ZAL for chorus and orchestra St. Michael's Cathdedral, Toronto, Canada
LA VOIX DE L'ORATEUR for percussion and orchestra Théâtre de Caen, Caen, France
OPENINGS for orchestra New Hartford, New York, USA
PIECES for orchestra Acadia University, Nova Scotia, Canada
DENTRO for orchestra Loggia del Lionello, Udine (Italy)
Chamber Music
ANYONE LIVED IN A LITTLE HOW TOWN for chamber ensemble Kingsport, Nova Scotia, Canada
APRÈS LA FLEUR for singing voice, string instrument and wind instrument Centre Culturel de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
CANONS AND AYRES for piano and organ. Binkley Church, Hamilton, Canada
DIONYSOS EN BÉCARRE for piano, guitar and flute Centre Culturel de Senlis, France
DOUBLE SOLO for flute and guitar Salle Cortot, Paris, France
FOUR SENSIBLE SONGS for voice and chamber ensemble St.Mary de Castro, Leicester, UK
FROM THE PAINTING BY JULIA PEYTON-JONES, for six violins Commissioned for dancers. London College of Art, UK
LE CYGNE song for children's voices, viola, guitar and marimbaphone La Voix d'Orpheus, French Radio, Paris, France
MORCEAU POUR ARIANE for three flutes Commissioned for dancers. Gulbenkian Foundation
ORIGINE : IMAGE for flute and synthesizer École nationale de Musique, Pantin, France
PARTITO for saxophone, clarinet and tuba Maison de la Radio, Paris, France
ABSENCE electroacoustic work based on Constante parité by Michel Couturier Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
CETTE LANGUE SI SIMPLE electroacoustic piece based on voice and synthesizer IRCAM, Espace de Projection, Paris, France
I HAVE SEEN EDEN electroacoustic composition based on the voice Cambridge Poetry Festival, Cambridge, UK
INVENTAIRE electroacoustic composition based on the voice Tape commissioned by a dance group in Regina, Canada
EXTENSIONS 1 for solo guitar Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
NINO DE TETA for solo guitar La Hendaye, France
OFF, VERSION 4 for piano Leicester University, UK
THE CANNING ANTHOLOGY 47 pieces for organ St. James' Church, Hantsport, Nova Scotia, Canada
CHIARANDINI VERSIONE ZERO for solo flute Loggia del Lionello, Udine (Italy)
OWL'S WARNING for voice and piano Oshawa, Canada
Current Composition
LIGHT OF STONE Chamber orchestra (for dance), 1st performance projected for 2017